As a budding production company in the Dallas Metroplex, we found it absolutely necessary to have photography as one of our main focuses. Photography is the art of a moment standing still . We want our brand to portray beauty in every way. Photography gives us that versatility. Not only do we offer photo packaging but model advice, portrait and pose coaching, self esteem booster sessions, plus more


Videography for us is more of a lifelong project. Photography is a come easy passion that we have, where as videography is that challenge that drives us to be visually better, punctual and extremely attentive to detail. Our passion for capturing moments in time will exemplify character, culture and justice in any and every aspect. Our videography will offer personal services, music and branding as well.


We are blessed to have a creative director that uses combines years of photography experience and our customers personal style and theme to provide the most creative and relatable outcome for the desired project. Time frames vary from project to project however we strive to have the the first drafts of your concepts and ideas formulated within a 5 to 7 day period. We do ask our clients come open minded. We also expect our clients to have fun and remain positive.