Meet Lynn Spraglin – Photographer
Compiled by: Ali
Published on: March 15, 2020

 I’ve always had an eye for beautiful things and angles. I love to make people smile… so when I would take pictures of my friends, their reaction to my capturing them made me feel amazing; Its almost like I showed them something they never seen before. In a time where one job isn’t enough, and living in an unknown state. I needed to hustle and I saw a market for photography and tried something. I’m a Photographer/Videography/Creative director. Soon to be a Cinematographer and Director of Photography for Films. I’m a Creative Director and Asst. Photographer for FIRE AND ICE PRODUCTIONS. I specialize in Visual arts in ever form. I’m not a “I only shoot this” type of photographer, I DO IT ALL! I’m mostly proud of my growth and the trust people have in me to capture their best moments. I’m extremely unique… my eyes make me stand out. Also, my work ethic set me apart from other artists.


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